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Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership

Results from the mini pilot plant study shows customers in Lake Oswego and Tigard will receive top quality water. Read more in the West Linn Tidings.

Barney & Worth leads strategic communications for the Lake Oswego Tigard Partnership. The project management team recognizes that success depends on building and sustaining understanding and support from Lake Oswego and Tigard policymakers, ratepayers, and facility neighbors.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute: Telling the Story of Oregon’s Forests

Barney & Worth recently completed Oregon Forest Resources Institute’s 2012 Strategic Plan in close collaboration with OFRI’s board, staff and statewide forest sector leaders.

Strategic planning activities included in-depth interviews with 54 forest sector leaders two online surveys drawing contributions from 182 participants, a strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats (SWOT) scan looking ahead to future trends affecting OFRI and Oregon’s forest sector, an inventory and assessment of OFRI’s current programs and strategic planning workshops.

Learn more about Oregon’s premier forest education agency: Telling the Story of Oregon’s Forests

Portland Plan: A Citywide Strategic Planning Effort

To prepare for Phase III of the development of the Portland Plan, B&W assisted the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to refine communications.

B&W designed and facilitated focus groups with the purpose of testing the language, approaches and images that would better engage all Portlanders, regardless of race, ethnicity, social class or educational background. The Portland Plan will be the City’s road map for the next 25 years, providing guidance and direction as the city grows and changes.

Please click here for the latest information on Portland’s citywide strategic planning effort:  www.portlandonline.com/portlandplan/

ODA Agricultural Development and Marketing Division: Strategic Communications Plan for Oregon Specialty Crops

With hundreds of crops and thousands of growers spread across Oregon, and local-domestic-and global markets for specialty crops, where should ADMD aim its communications efforts? Barney & Worth worked with Agricultural Development and Marketing Division staff to develop a new strategic plan to direct its communications for specialty crops.

The goal of the strategic communications plan is to maximize the effectiveness of ADMD programs going forward and serve as a roadmap for communications supporting Oregon’s specialty crops. The plan also identifies materials, tools, messaging and priority communications channels to achieve the objectives and overarching goals.