Planning and Communications for
Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Utilities

Barney & Worth, Inc., established in 1978, is an award-winning firm providing professional consulting services for public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. We partner with our clients to build better communities, ensuring infrastructure and services are in place in time to meet pressing community needs.

As communities rebuild aging water infrastructure, customers find themselves paying full price for system improvements – for the first time. Across the U.S., the limits of affordability are being tested.

Great engineering and a solid financial plan are no longer enough to secure project success. Utilities must also build a strong sense of community ownership. Today, new infrastructure is nearly always a “big ticket” item. The folks who will be footing the bill must understand the need and project benefits, and be ready to endorse the plan.

Customers must care enough to invest substantial resources to safeguard public health and the environment for the future – so everyone can continue to enjoy clean water.

Barney & Worth helps utilities gain community ownership. The Barney & Worth benefits:

  • Project moves ahead, on time
  • Cost savings
  • Long-term community trust and support
  • Lasting partnerships
  • Informed customer base
  • Grassroots community leadership
  • Confident policymakers

Featured Projects

  • City of Tigard Water RatesCity of Tigard Water Rates

    City of Tigard Water Rates Barney & Worth assisted Tigard, Oregon’s water utility in designing customer communications in anticipation of major rate increases to pay for a new water supply source. At the same time, Tigard restructured its water rate...

  • Willamette Water Supply ProgramWillamette Water Supply Our Reliable Water

    Willamette Water Supply Program Barney & Worth is leading public engagement for Tualatin Valley Water District and the City of Hillsboro’s Willamette Water Supply Program. The new Willamette River water system will be one of Oregon’s most importan...

  • Eugene Water & Electric Board-Water Reliability Initiative Communications Plan3_willamette_river

    As EWEB moves ahead to develop a secondary water supply for Eugene and surrounding communities—most likely a new water treatment plant on the Willamette River—it faces several significant communications challenges.   Customers, already under finan...

  • Oak Lodge Sanitary District Surface Water Management Strategic Plan111609-006

    Barney & Worth recently completed a strategic plan for Oak Lodge Sanitary District’s surface water management (SWM) program. For nearly two decades, the District has served as the stormwater utility for an unincorporated community of 32,000 resid...