Oak Lodge Sanitary District Surface Water Management Strategic Plan

Barney & Worth recently completed a strategic plan for Oak Lodge Sanitary District’s surface water management (SWM) program. For nearly two decades, the District has served as the stormwater utility for an unincorporated community of 32,000 residents.  Strategic planning began with a comprehensive review of the District’s SWM program, current capital facilities and needs, staffing, funding, and pending regulations—combined with public opinion research and community outreach. The strategic plan recommends increases in the SWM fee, a new systems development charge, and other funding options including capital borrowing to pay for priority projects.  Thanks to policymaker involvement and outreach efforts, the strategic plan’s project priorities and funding recommendations are strongly supported by the community advisory committee, North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council and the District’s elected Board of Directors. Oak Lodge’s Board recently approved additional funding in support of expanding their stormwater utility and its programs.

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