New Tools for Effective Communications

In today’s world of instant electronic communications, promising new tools are unveiled every month. Barney & Worth is committed to testing these tools to find cost-effective applications for Salem and other clients. A few of the best, offering benefits lasting well beyond the initial buzz, are described below.

  • Electronic polling: The new equipment is compact and easy for participants to use. Powerful analytical tools provide instant, usefulresults.
  • Social media: Facebook and Twitter, when used creatively, reach that segment of customers who no longer read the newspaper, surf the webor use email (it’s more people than you think).
  • Email list managers: EMMA and MailChimp are examples of low-cost email programs that efficiently keep track of interested parties’ contact data and information preferences. These programs provide engaging email templates, easily adaptable to clients’ needs.
  • SurveyMonkey: New features for this Oregon-born, global survey program include simple analytical tools and options to have SurveyMonkey manage prizes—a sure way to increase survey responses.
  • YouTube Channel: Many people don’t have time (or take time) to read. YouTube gets over 800 million unique user visits each month. Creating a YouTube channel with worthy videos—funny or “howto”—helps reach this enormous online audience.
  • Mobile applications: Traffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011. Americans increasingly live on their “smart phones”. Cities’ information should be there, too.
  • Prezi: This cloud-based presentation software provides an alternative to banal (and too often boring) PowerPoints. Audiences agree—they have had enough PowerPoint, and are aching to see something different.
  • GoToMeeting: Another easy-to-use technology that expands participation. Not everyone can attend a meeting. Let them participate, effortlessly, with this new teleconference technology that anyone can use.
  • Google Docs: Cities can easily use this program to share an interactive, online project / events calendar with their entire project team. It doesn’t cost a thing, and is easy to access.