Salem Vision 2020

To Barney & Worth:

“You’ve really gone above and beyond to help create a true sense of ownership in our community for Salem Vision 2020 – as evidenced by the high volume of community survey responses, innovative approaches to outreach and community forums, and the number of community participants at each of our forums. As we look forward to the next few months and the next year of implementation, I think we are perfectly positioned for success.”

– Mayor Janet Taylor, City of Salem

Barney & Worth facilitated the creation of Salem Vision 2020 – a community action plan for the City’s core downtown center. Over a six month period, 3,500 surveys were completed, 35 community briefings were conducted and two community forums were held. Through this very successful public involvement process, Salem community members identified 24 priority action items.  More than 40 supporting organizations and 200 people are currently playing leadership roles to turn the vision into action.

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