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Libby Barg Bakke

Specialties: Funding Strategies And Education Campaigns

Building Public Understanding And The Will To Move Forward

Our success in helping our clients to gain approval of capital improvement funding proposals is based on using effective communication methods: coordinate with the project team to articulate the need; reach out to key stakeholders to refine the proposal and develop the strategies for success; convey consistent messages through a variety of channels to reach the wider public; and, continue to provide information so that people know how their support is being used to achieve the stated goals.

Barney & Worth Expertise

  • Toolbox of opinion research methods to assess public sentiment
  • Proven ability to discern the honest communication points that resonate and build support
  • Knack for identifying partnership opportunities and ability to train project partners to contribute to getting the job done
  • Staff members with extensive positive relationships throughout the Pacific Northwest, built through our commitment to working together to improve and sustain our communities

Featured Projects

  • Troutdale Road Maintenance Funding
    The City of Troutdale is experiencing flat or declining revenues from its share of state gas tax revenues used to support local street maintenance. The City understands the need for educating and engaging the public in this important funding decision and retained Barney & Worth to:

    • Develop a strategic communication plan and public education materials…
    • Conduct public opinion research…
    • Augment the City of Troutdale’s staff communications capabilities…

    Barney & Worth’s efforts resulted in Troutdale City Council referring a 3¢ per gallon motor vehicle fuels tax approved by voters at the November 2015 election….

  • Oak Lodge Water & Sewer District Consolidation
    Barney & Worth and DHM Research conducted opinion research and designed a customer engagement strategy for the merger of Oak Lodge Water and Sanitary Districts in Oregon. A financial analysis estimated cost savings of $4.25 million and pointed to opportunities for operational efficiencies. The measure was approved by Districts’ voters (73% yes) in May 2016….
  • Milwaukie G.O. Bond
    In 2014 there was an opportunity for Milwaukie citizens to save money on the light-rail payments and protect core services through the issuance of $4 million in general obligation (G.O.) bonds. Milwaukie retained Barney & Worth and DHM to conduct public opinion research, develop a strategic communications plan, and design public education materials on the bond measure. The proposal was approved by voters in May 2014—Milwaukie’s first successful measure in more than 20 years….
  • Oregon City Water Rates
    In May 1996, Oregon City voters approved a City Charter amendment that rolled back water rates to 1994 levels. The roll-back was set to take effect in 2014, threatening the City’s ability to provide adequate drinking water service to the community. Barney & Worth facilitated a citizen stakeholder committee charged with providing a recommendation for sending a charter amendment to a vote of the community to eliminate the water rate rollback provision…
  • Keep Salem Moving
    Barney & Worth led public opinion research, outreach and multi-faceted education program to engage the Salem, Oregon community in determining critical transportation funding…
  • Oak Lodge Sanitary District GO Bond
    In 2009, Oak Lodge Sanitary District authorized the sale of revenue bonds to support construction of new and upgraded wastewater treatment facilities. In the aftermath…
  • Salem Police And Parks Funding
    Barney & Worth recently completed an evaluation of the public’s awareness of current conditions of police and parks facilities and gauged support for possible future…
  • Safe, Smart, Sustainable Schools
    Portland Public Schools retained Barney & Worth to provide public engagement and communications services in support of the district’s long-range plan to renovate and rebuild their entire portfolio of more than 90


Barney & Worth, Inc., established in 1978, is an award-winning firm providing professional consulting services for public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Barney & Worth and its clients are partners in building better communities, to ensure that infrastructure and services are in place in time to meet pressing community needs.

The firm’s project assignments cover the full range of programs and services for which state and local government agencies are responsible. Barney & Worth contributes expertise in strategic communications, public involvement, program assessment and planning.

Multnomah County voters approve Troutdale gas tax

“Gas tax: Troutdale voters were approving a 3-cent-a-gallon gas tax, phased in over three years, to pay for street maintenance…”

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