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Libby Barg Bakke

Specialties: Parking Management

Assessing And Implementing Systems To Efficiently Manage Parking

Where there are cities, there are people and cars. Where there are cars, there is the need to plan for when they are moving and for when they are parked. Barney & Worth, in partnership with Rick Williams Consulting, provides unmatched know-how to assist cities to assess and address their parking needs.

Barney & Worth Expertise

  • Long-term partnership with the Pacific Northwest’s leading parking system analyst
  • Portfolio of projects involving parking systems for small, medium and large cities
  • Creation of clear and comprehensive plans that guide communities to make the best decisions about parking systems tailored for their unique situations

Featured Projects

  • Everett Downtown Parking
    Barney & Worth is teamed with Rick Williams Consulting for an in-depth look at on-street and off-street parking in Everett’s CBD. The current project will update Barney & Worth’s team’s earlier comprehensive exploration of downtown parking issues in Everett, assessing parking conditions and customer demand throughout the downtown core, as well as recommending parking system changes that best meet the City’s needs. The result was consensus amount stakeholder and City policymakers that the best solution was implementing a uniform two-hour time limit for on-street parking and increasing enforcement – rather than converting to paid parking…
  • Tacoma Downtown Parking
    Barney & Worth and Rick Williams Consulting are assisting the City of Tacoma to evaluate the best system for paid parking in the downtown area…
  • City of Bend
    Barney & Worth worked with the City of Bend, Oregon, on a study to revisit and analyze parking management strategies and strategic pricing for its downtown…
  • City of Portland Smart Meters
    Barney & Worth led customer education and outreach for the introduction of state-of-art electronic pay stations – or SmartMeters – to replace traditional coin-operated…
  • Salem Downtown Parking
    Barney & Worth, in partnership with Rick Williams Consulting, completed the development of a comprehensive parking management plan for two areas of Salem’s downtown. Plans were made for the “core retail zone” and the State Capitol Mall…


Barney & Worth, Inc., established in 1978, is an award-winning firm providing professional consulting services for public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Barney & Worth and its clients are partners in building better communities, to ensure that infrastructure and services are in place in time to meet pressing community needs.

The firm’s project assignments cover the full range of programs and services for which state and local government agencies are responsible. Barney & Worth contributes expertise in strategic communications, public involvement, program assessment and planning.

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