Yamhill County Agri-Business Economic and Community Development Plan

Yamhill County undertook a groundbreaking research project – in partnership with leaders from ten communities and state agencies – to find ways that the local agriculture and tourism sectors can coexist and jointly contribute to the economy.  The County’s agriculture sector is an economic mainstay, contributing $300 million annually.  As a premier wine producing region, an estimated 1.5 million visitors are attracted to its wineries each year, presenting opportunities to significantly grow the local tourism industry.

The County hired Barney & Worth, Inc. to design and conduct the study, analyze the findings, and draft the plan document.  From the start, the project team sought to involve a full variety of perspectives – farmers, business operators and workers, agency staff and officials, economic and workforce professionals. The resulting plan reflects these voices and promotes cooperative regional economic and community development.  The plan’s recommended strategies point the way forward to help ensure thriving agriculture and tourism industries in the region.