North Santiam Summit Partners



The North Santiam Summit brings together local, state and federal agencies, tribes, and other watershed stakeholders to collaborate on projects that support the habitat, economy, and quality of life of the basin.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, Barney &  Worth worked with summit sponsors to create an interactive online summit to replace the in-person event. We leveraged our experience with a mix of online and traditional communication tools to create a rich, meaningful online experience for summit partners.

B & W Virtual Online Summit Services Included:

  • Email promotions and online registration management that boosted attendance to over 70 participants – an increase over the prior year
  • A mix of online surveys and live polling to share feedback and prioritize activities moving forward
  • An exceptional line up of presenters and collaborators
  • Live chat, polling and QA sessions allowed participants to learn, connect and collaborate in real-time
  • Flexible day-of facilitation, communication tools, and reporting to maintain momentum

As a result, participants did not miss a beat.  With Barney & Worth facilitating the online summit, they where able to engage with each other, weigh in on priorities, and plan for future basin activities that will have lasting impact on the future of the North Santiam.


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"It was a privilege working with you and the team. To be able to pull back the curtain to this important group is really gratifying. Appreciate your hard work, patient set-up and flawless execution."

Erik Petersen
Army Corps of Engineers