City of Tigard



Barney & Worth has worked with City staff on several construction projects to educate the public about on-going construction activities and the benefits of the improvements.

Main Street Green Street
Barney & Worth provided public outreach for the design and construction of Phase I of the Main Street Improvement Project and will soon be providing outreach for Phase II. This outreach includes working directly with local business owners on strategies for drawing people to downtown, encouraging private investment for façade and sidewalk improvements, and updates on construction that could impact their businesses. Weekly updates were provided as well as “contractor coffees” where project staff and contractor were available to answer questions. Business profiles on the City’s project webpage and images showing the progress of street improvements helped keep the public informed and aware of the activities going on downtown.

SW 72nd Avenue
SW 72nd, is a major through route and provides access for big-box retailers and their customers. Street widening limited use of the road for several weeks. Barney & Worth met with nearby businesses and created a mailing for every property owner in the vicinity to notify them of the project. The road closures came off without a glitch.

New Burnham Street
Barney & Worth developed a communications plan that provided necessary outreach to business and property owners affected by the two-year Burnham Street construction. The firm also assisted the City with ongoing communications – arranging public meetings and preparing news releases, fact sheets and website materials – to keep the public informed about the project. New Burnham Street was awarded the national Project of the Year Award by the American Public Works Association.

City of Tigard Water Division Communications On-Call
B&W has been supporting the City of Tigard’s water utility with communications and outreach materials for many years. Assignments have included reviewing the staff-written Know H2O newsletter and Consumer Confidence Report, providing creative ideas for content and photos, updating and reorganizing the City’s water-focused webpages, promoting the transition to Tigard’s new water supply, and providing rate communications support.