City of Tigard

The Tigard Public Safety Advisory Board is a community group formed by the City Council in 2020 to review and advise City leadership on the practices and procedures for the City police department, municipal court, and social justice initiatives. The 15-member Board, is comprised of community members and City employees who represent the diverse voices, life experiences, and needs of the community. Together the group is helping re-imagine the City’s public safety system to promote racial equity and improve the lived experiences and safety of everyone in the community.


B&W is the facilitator for the Tigard Public Safety Advisory Board, helping create a safe and respectful environment for members to explore, discuss and learn about the complex issues facing the community and make recommendations to City Council. Board meetings are held twice-monthly and live-streamed to promote inclusivity and broad community involvement in the process.

Facilitation services include:

  • Zoom meeting facilitation using virtual whiteboarding, online polling and collaboration tools
  • Mission-vision-values development
  • Work plan development
  • Education topic plan and schedule
  • Board recommendations to City Council

Other services: 

  • Community engagement strategy
  • Program planning and reporting support
  • Communications tools, processes and procedures
  • City Council communications support